1. What is the Transportation Program?

The AIHS Transportation Program provides transport targeted to address the unmet community need for non-medical grocery and pharmacy access, as well as provide a socialization opportunity to at-risk, low-income older adults through this service. Currently, AIHS is the sole transportation provider outside of private-pay, full-fee services in Allen County to provide scheduled door-to-door non-medical grocery and pharmacy access.

2. What services can I receive from the Transportation Program?

AIHS provides weekly roundtrip grocery store/pharmacy transportation to various apartment complexes in Allen County. Participants in the program will be given approximately 2 hours to shop at the chosen grocery store/pharmacy. Our large-capacity vans can accommodate 8 passengers and assistive devices.

3. Are there eligibility requirements or costs to participate?

Contact the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 260.469.3036 for list of participating apartment complexes.