Family Caregiver Center

1. What is the Family Caregiver Center?

The Family Caregiver Center provides support and services to caregivers of individuals age 60 or over or an individual of any age who has dementia or a related disorder. The goal of the program is to reduce caregiver stress and to support the individual’s ability to remain in the community with loved ones rather than be institutionalized. Caregivers are referred to the program through our Aging & Disability Resource Center. The referrals can come from professionals, caregivers, friends or relatives.

2. What services can I receive from the Family Caregiver Center?

When an individual is referred to the Family Caregiver Center, they are contacted by a Family Caregiver Specialist who completes a comprehensive assessment. The Specialist provides options counseling to the caregiver that includes information about community resources and services. Options counseling supports the caregiver with the knowledge they need to better navigate the social service and healthcare systems. Improved ability to navigate these systems decreases caregiver stress and increases their ability to care for their loved one in the community.

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3. Are there eligibility requirements or costs to participate?

There is no cost to speak to a Family Caregiver Specialist for information and resources.

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